Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I leave my RV, Trailer, 5th Wheel, boat trailer in the Park over the winter?

Yes you can. All units that are here for the season can leave their units here for the winter. Please see our Policies and Procedures and Rate sheets for more clarification. If any trailers, RVs are left here strictly for winter storage, there is a charge for that. Please see our Rates Page for further info.

Q: What payment forms do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Email Interact, Debit cards, Interact cards, cash

Q: Are there garbage bins available?

Yes. We ask all campers to not put any garbage in our bin after 6pm as they are emptied shortly after that to avoid bears and racoons from making a mess.

Do you have Washrooms? Showers? Laundromat?

Washrooms, showers and a laundromat are tentatively scheduled to be built as part of the phase 4 development in 2019.

Q: Do you allow campfires?

Yes we do as long as there are no restrictions from the MNR showing any Fire Hazards. All fires must be contained in a ‘Fire Ring’ made of metal or stone and supervised at all times. We do have firewood on site for that anyone may use.

Q: I live locally, may I launch my boat?

Small boats less than 15 feet we can launch here. Bigger boats need to go to Spanish Marina – less than 10 minutes away

Q: How can I review Brennan Harbour RV Park?

Q: What are your fees?

Please visit our Rates Page of the website.  You have an opportunity to download a PDF with the information for your review.

Q: Do you allow Pets?

Yes but there is a daily / seasonal cost for the same (please see our Rate Page) and they must be on a leash at all times?

Q: Do you have Rental Cabins?

Yes we do . Please see our cottage rental page.

Q: How can I reserve a campground site?

You may call us, email us or use our on-line Reservation form.

Q: Is our water potable / drinkable?

Our water is regularly tested as per the Local Health Department requirements. It comes from our well, is filtered and has an approved UV disinfection system. It is certainly safe but it does have a high sodium / salt content and therefore suggest that you bring your own Drinking water. You may certainly use our water for everything else including cooking.

Q: Do you sell RVs, Trailers?

We only sell RV's and trailers if the owners want to sell their units. We do not stock any others. However, we do have new Park Model Trailers available for sale.  Learn More

Q: Do you allow fireworks?


Q: Do you allow tents on any of your sites?

No we have no facilities suitable for tents or people using the same.

Q: We have friends that want to visit with us, is this permitted?

Yes, as long as they sign in at our office. Should they stay overnight, there is a charge for that. Please see our Rates Page

Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Not a problem as long as you let us know 2 or more weeks ahead, we will refund your deposit. If you let us know less than a week ahead we will keep your deposit.

Q: What Camping Associations are you a Member of?

Q: Do you allow Golf Carts, ATVs or Quads?

Yes but please see our Policies and Procedures. We do impose a maximum 10 KPH speed limit for everyone’s safety.

Q: Do you have a quiet time?

Yes, 11:00 pm through until 7:00am.

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