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5 Kid Friendly Activities for Camping
Camping is one of the best things a family can do together. Even if it's just for the weekend, it's a way for the family to get away and spend time with the people that they love. Once they get to their site and get everything unpacked and settled, what will you do to keep their kids entertained?!?!

Keeping kids entertained at your campground should be a top priority! If the kids are happy, the parents will be happy, and therefore plan a return trip. Make a lasting impression on these kids by having some fun activities planned. The following are the very popular, inexpensive and easy kid-centered activities that you can put on, even though the parents ended up enjoying them more than the kids half the time :)

  1. Free watermelon with seed spitting contest
  2. Pretty rock finding
  3. Face painting
  4. Hula Hoop contest
  5. Bubble blowing Contest

Have a really popular activity at your campground for kids? 

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