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The 2015 Re/Max Recreational Property Report indicated that Canadians love their cottages or vacation homes over a tropical vacation.

More than half of Canadians would rather lounge on the dock in cottage country than sunbathe on a sandy tropical beach, according to a new report.

This year’s Re/Max Recreational Property Report found that 68 percent of Canadians would rather spend a long weekend at the cottage over a jet-set getaway.

“We love cottage life,” said Re/Max Integra vice-president, Gurinder Sandhu in an interview with CTV News. “After our harsh, long, cold winters, there’s nothing like going up north, getting away, sitting on a dock.”

The report also found that Canadians would be willing to make plenty of sacrifices in order to afford a cabin or cottage. The first thing we’d give up? Destination vacations.

Forty-one percent of Canadians would rather save for a cottage than travel abroad. 

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