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The world may be a village, but in truth today’s families are spread further across the country (or around the globe) than ever before. Technology allows us to stay in touch at the click of a mouse – however, it’s no substitute for the warmth of Mom’s hug or a summer vacation with close family members. That’s where family reunions come in. They give us an annual touchstone, where we all get our yearly slice of Great-Grandma’s pecan pie, a good dose of Uncle Herby’s tall tales (you know, the ones everyone pretends are so funny) and a gander at this year’s crop of new babies. If family reunions aren’t already a tradition in your family, it’s one well worth starting.

The first step to planning a successful family reunion is finding a location such as Brennan Harbour RV Park, and in all honesty, that first step can be quite a challenge! When you have family members coming from opposite ends of the country, children and teenagers of all ages, and the competition of family vacation schedules and individual tastes, choosing that perfect summer vacation spot for your family reunion is a tough task. While you’ve got your thinking cap on, think about a camping trip to Brennan Harbour RV Park.

A family vacation spent camping makes perfect sense in so many ways. With Brennan Harbour RV Park located in Central Northern Ontario, we are bound to be convenient for most of your family. To help you get started, we put together a list of reasons why a Brennan Harbour RV Park reunion will be a summer vacation your family will look forward to every year.

  • Camping is economical as folks will appreciate the opportunity to bring their RV. For family members who prefer a roof over their heads, Our Resort offers a wide selection of cabins, from the rustic style with beds and a porch (bring your own linens) to full service cabins with TV, a bathroom, and full kitchens. Consider getting a large cabin for the kids – what a great way for cousins to get to know each other.
  • There’s something for everyone at Brennan Harbour RV Park! Even the pickiest teenager (and Great-Aunt Martha, who everyone knows is “difficult”) will find plenty of fun here. Fishing in Big water, boating, cozy camp fires, nature walks and lots more family-style activities in the surrounding area.
  • Our Park is also a great headquarters for exploring the area. See our “Things to do in the Area” section
  • Camping offers so many opportunities for different generations to interact and get to know each other. Grandparents can take the children on a nature walk, the teens can lead younger kids in a campfire sing-a-long and tell ghost stories, and the whole family can get in on a good game of hide ‘n’ seek. Who doesn’t love cooking (and eating) s’mores? Consider dividing up each day’s meal preparations to make sure everyone gets a chance to work together.

So many reasons to plan your next family reunion or summer vacation at Brennan Harbour RV Park.

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